6/3/20 NP Community-

Some families (not all) received an email because you have an outstanding balance for unpaid fees and/or fines.  Unfortunately, outstanding balances can negatively impact the processing of transcript requests, report cards and diplomas.

Due to the current situation, we are unable to receive payments in-person.  However, you have two options in which to pay these fees/fines:  1) on-line or 2) mail a check.

To make a payment on-line, please visit CVSD's online payment website by clicking the blue “Pay Online” button at the bottom of this message or by clicking the “Online Payments” link on the NPMS website at You will need to know your student’s ID# to log in (instructions for how to login in are shown on the landing page).

To make a payment by check, please make check payable to “NPMS” and mail to:

North Pines Middle School

11900 E Broadway Ave

Spokane Valley, WA  99206

Please be sure to include your student’s name and ID number if you pay by check.

If you have any questions, please contact the CVHS Business office by email at 


Lora Jackson

Principal, North Pines Middle School

A message from NORTH PINES MIDDLE SCHOOL 5/22/20

NP Families-

It was great to see many of you on Wednesday, dropping off books/uniforms and picking up belongings from lockers.  Not everyone was able to make it, so we have scheduled an additional time.

Thursday, May 28th, from 2:30-5:30pm, we will be in the parking lot at NPMS (Broadway Ave Turn-Around) to pass out the bags to those that left anything in their lockers, PE lockers, or instrument lockers.  

Girls' basketball uniforms, text books, library books, and any other supplies that belong to the school should be returned at this time (except Chromebooks and instruments).

We will be practicing social distancing.  If you pull up in your car, we will hand the bag to you.  If you are walking, we will have cones to make sure everyone stays spread out while we collect the bag for you.

If you are not able to make it during this window of time on Thursday, please email me at: and I will work something out with you.

Have a great weekend!

Lora Jackson

Principal, NPMS 

A message from NORTH PINES MIDDLE SCHOOL 5/20/20

NP Families-

I hope this email finds you well.  I wish that we weren't educating through a virtual environment right now.  It has been hard on us as educators and I know it is hard on families, too.  That being said, we only have a month to go of this school year and hopefully we will be starting school as normal when we return.  

Toda,y teachers are updating their mid-quarter 4 grades.  Those should all be posted and ready for viewing by Friday.  Here are a few reminders about how middles schools in our district are addressing grading for Quarter 4.

4th Quarter Grading:

  • Student assignments will be graded in a timely manner and posted in PowerSchool.
  • Grades of D or F will automatically be changed to Satisfactory “S” in June after final grades have posted.  This is in recognition of students’ differing circumstances and ability to engage during this unique time. Note: “S” does not have any impact on GPA or honor roll.
  • To earn a final letter grade of A, B, or C instead of the "S", students are expected to complete a reasonable percentage of assignments.  Each teacher has determined what percentage of assignments must be completed to earn the A, B, or C.  
  • Parents can request grades of B or C to be changed to Satisfactory (S) after grades have been posted at the end of quarter 4 (in June).  We are planning to have the office make these changes as requested.  

Please let me know if you have any questions about grading or anything else.  Take Care.

Lora Jackson

Principal, NPMS


A message from NORTH PINES MIDDLE SCHOOL 5/14/20

Hello NP Families-

I hope my email finds you doing as well as possible under these strange circumstances.  I, and the staff, sure do miss school-as-normal and seeing our students in person every day!  

As we finish week four of our new Distance Learning Model, we would like feedback on how things are working for our families.  We have created a survey, and would like you to fill it out for us by Monday, May 18th, please.  We tried to keep it short. The feedback is grade level specific, so it you have more than one child at North Pines, choose one and when you finish it will loop you back to the beginning for any other children.  Here is the link to the survey:

 Thank you so much!  We really care what you think and this information will help us make necessary adjustments!


Lora Jackson, Principal

North Pines Middle School

A message from NORTH PINES MIDDLE SCHOOL 4/17/20

Dear NP Families-

I hope everyone is hanging in there!  You all should have received an email from Superintendent Small a few days ago. As he expressed, with the Governor's announcement that school will be closed for the rest of the school year, our district will be transitioning to a Continuous Learning Model for the remainder of this school year. There will be more face to face meetings, assignments from teachers, and grading of completed work.

Recommendation from our state is for students to spend 2.5 hrs for each of their 6 classes, so a total of about 15 hours each week on the face to face meetings and the assignments.  We will be implementing a schedule of classes to provide some routine.  Students can of course go beyond if they choose. Here is what this will look like at NPMS:

Continuous Learning Model (Begins on April 20th):

  • Teachers will post assignments and a suggested pacing guide for the week on Mondays in Google Classroom. 
  • Each week students will engage in two face to face learning activity/instruction meetings with each of their teachers via Google Meets.  The schedule for these meetings is attached. It can be found at the bottom of the email body. Teachers will go over web meeting norms/protocols with students during their first class meeting. 
  • In addition to the class meeting times, each teacher will schedule office hours to answer student questions and clarify academic concepts.
  • Students’ participation and work will be graded.  Parents can view their grades in Power School.

We understand that this is a change to how our students have been engaging to this point. We want to support in whatever way we can.  Please let teachers or me know if you have any questions or if we can be of support for your family in any way. In particular, if you need access to more technology in your house to support this model, please let us know.   We care about our students immensely and will be here to help you adjust to this new learning environment.

Attached is a schedule with meeting times for each period.  Please understand the Face to Face instruction will be recorded and available to students in Google classrooms, in case they aren’t able to attend at the exact time it is offered.

Also, if you want to follow North Pines Middle School on Social Media, you can find us on Facebook: @NorthPinesMiddleCVSD;  Instagram: @northpinesmiddlecvsd


Lora Jackson

Principal, North Pines Middle School

A message from NORTH PINES MIDDLE SCHOOL 4/14/20

NP Families-

I hope you all were able to make the most of Spring Break and are healthy! 

I’m sure many of you have seen the news that schools will be closed for the rest of the year.  In addition to that announcement, our state superintendent put out some new guidelines for online learning for the next 2 months.  As our district works to make these adjustments, we will keep you up to date!  One of the new announcements from the state had to do with grading.  We want to outline for you what our 3rd and 4th quarter grades will look like this year:

3rd Quarter Grades:

  • Grades for students were frozen as of Friday, March 13th – these are the grades that will be posted.
  • If your student was receiving a “D” or “F” grade at that time, he/she will automatically receive a “Satisfactory” grade for the quarter in that class. We understand that students did not have opportunity to turn in additional work in the same fashion that they normally would have.  (An “S” gives middle school credit for the class and does not impact GPA or honor roll.)
  • Parents can request grades of B or C be changed to Satisfactory after grades have been posted on April 17.  This request can be sent directly to the teacher for that class, and they will take care of it from there.
  • Teachers will be working on grades this week – you can expect to see updated grades by Friday evening.

 4th Quarter Grading:

  • Even though PowerSchool currently shows a change of classes to 4th quarter classes, we are NOT changing to new classes.  Our district has decided that it will be best to have middle school students stay in their 3rd quarter classes for the remainder of the year. 
  • Starting Monday, April 20, 2020 teachers will begin face-to-face instruction with all of their classes via technology platforms on a regular weekly schedule.  Assignments given via Google Classroom as of April 20th will be graded by teachers and will count toward students’ 4th quarter grades.
  • Parents will have a similar choice regarding accepting the earned letter grade or requesting a change to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory in June.  School administrators will communicate with families about these options at a later date.

One other note, not related to grading, is that Yearbooks have been finished and submitted for publication. We will figure out how to distribute them when they arrive. If you haven't purchased one yet, you can order online on our website.

I thank you so much for your patience and support as we navigate a situation that is new to all of us. We miss you very much!  Take care of yourselves and each other. 


Lora Jackson


North Pines Middle School


3/24/20: If you still need a Chromebook or have one that fails, here is the process going forward.  Please fill out the request form using the pdf file (see right-hand menu). Then, please email that form to our principal and/or assistant principal. Someone from the district will be in contact as soon as your request is processed. 
A message from NORTH PINES MIDDLE SCHOOL 3/23/20

Dear North Pines Cubs,

We hope you and your family find yourselves doing well and are adjusting accordingly under our current circumstances.  As health and fitness teachers we understand your health is paramount and we are passionate about keeping you healthy and active as much as possible.  During this time it is easy to become sedentary in front of a screen to pass the time as we practice social distancing, however a little exercise each day can go a long way to ease stress increase productivity and strengthen your immune function.

We will be providing suggested activities at least twice weekly on our google classroom. A good place to start would be continuing to challenge yourselves to meet your Personal fitness goals by doing a personal best challenge every Monday like we do at school (push-ups, sit-ups, jogging).  If you are at home with family try to get them involved with your routine as well.  Unfortunately this does not mean you get to hang out with your friends and neighbors.  Please follow guidelines from the CDC regarding social distancing and maintaining your personal health as well as your family and friends health.  Please always do any activities only with the permission of your parent or guardian in a safe manner.  If you have any health issues please always follow your doctor’s recommendations before beginning any exercise activities.

Know that we think about you often and are missing the opportunity to see your daily successes and guide you through your struggles.  This will pass and you will hopefully come out a stronger version of yourself.  Stay CUB STRONG!!!!

Sincerely, Mr. Lenhart, Mr. Mendenhall, and Mr. Zehm

3/19/20: Please click on the PDF files in the right-menu to read directions for accessing Google Classroom.
A message from NORTH PINES MIDDLE SCHOOL 3/16/20

Dear NPMS Families, 

During this time when many physical libraries will be closing, the Spokane County e-library is an excellent way to gain free access to thousands of books online.  Please see the attached directions to learn how to download either Overdrive or Libby, two free apps that grant instant access to over 7,00 e-books. You will need a library card to access these books, but this can be easily acquired online for free at 

Go to to learn more about the Libby and Overdrive e-book apps.  


Library cards | Spokane Public Library

Renewing your card. You can easily renew your card online.If you run into any trouble renewing online, visit a library branch location or call Customer Service at 509-444-5300 during regular business hours. Lost cards. If you lose your card, please call us immediately at 509-444-5300 to avoid additional liability.There is no card replacement fee.