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4/1/21 Dear NP Families-

I’m sure you heard the great news from Superintendent Small that schools will be resuming 5 days per week in-person learning on April 12!  NPMS Staff is very excited about this news!

Here is what changes on April 12:

  • Zoom classes will no longer be available.
  • ALL students will be required to attend every day in-person.
  • Students will be allowed to sit 3 feet apart instead of 6 feet apart in classes, masked.
  • Students need to bring a notebook, paper, and writing utensils to school (in addition to a fully charged Chromebook). 

Here is what stays the same:

  • Mask wearing is still required and enforced at school.  No gators or mesh masks are allowed.
  • Students are still expected to maintain 6 feet of distance at lunch, in the hallways, and in the courtyard.
  • Students need to continue to bring a signed Symptoms Check Attestation Ticket every day.  (attached)

In other news:

  • Tomorrow is the end of Quarter 3.  Students will be getting a copy of their Q4 schedules today or tomorrow in class.  Please make sure your student saves this schedule and brings it to school on April 12 (after Spring Break), so they know which classes to go to.
  • Tomorrow is the last day to purchase a Mother’s Day Flower Basket (school fundraiser).  Here is the link: https://forms.gle/95CAg7MccWJTjrzQ8

Finally, the staff at NPMS wants to tell you how much we love our jobs.  We feel fortunate that we get to come here every day to this beautiful building and work with your students.  NP students are amazing.  They are kind and are growing every day.  We are thrilled that they will be here with us every day next quarter.  As always, please contact us with questions or if there is anything we need to know or can help with. 

Happy Spring Break!

Lora Jackson


North Pines Middle School



Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  I’m looking forward to my sixth year as Principal at North Pines Middle School.  Even though we are starting the virtually, we have a great year planned! Virtually or in-person, our staff is highly qualified and committed to partnering with each other, students, and parents to ensure a positive, intellectual learning environment.  Our students should be good citizens and be prepared to do well at U-High or CVHS (or another high school). 


Academically:  Our staff is highly skilled at designing engaging and challenging lessons for our students, while offering lots of support when students need it.  We prepare our students for college or career and definitely for success in high school.  We are lucky to be an AVID school.  As part of AVID, all of our students stay organized using a 3-ring binder system that has tabs for each class and a pencil pouch.  Also, AVID teaches our students how to take good notes as well as ask and answer higher-level questions.   


Social-Emotionally:  Middle school is an exciting time of change. Not only will students will be managing more classes and increased workload, they will be adjusting to social changes as well. At North Pines, once we return to in-person learning, all students will have a Character Strong class once per week.  This class helps us grow our skills to be kind, empathetic, and courageous every day.  While we are virtual, all teachers will be incorporating social-emotional learning mini-lessons on a regular basis.  North Pines uses Restorative Practices to help students fix problems when they make mistakes or harm someone else.


The following will help us have a successful, enjoyable school year:


* Communicate respectfully with others.

* Challenge yourself to find solutions.

* Surround yourself with positive people.

* Look for ways to use your strengths to contribute to our school community.


* Ask your child questions about school, such as "What was the most interesting thing you learned in math today?"

* Register for and use PowerSchool to check on your child's attendance and academic progress.

* Communicate with your child's teachers to establish successful home/school connections. Email, call, or set-up a visit.

* Ask about other ways to volunteer at school.


I am honored to serve as Principal at North Pines Middle School and to continue to grow the relationships with students and families.

Go Cubs!

Lora Jackson