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North Pines is excited to offer several clubs and activities for our students.
6th Grade Intramural Tennis
Mondays & Wednesdays, September 15 through October 20, 2021
2:50 to 4:50 pm at the North Pines Tennis Courts
Students must submit a permission slip before they can participate.
There is no Activity Bus! Students must have a ride or walk home!
Board Game Club
Thursdays, beginning September 30th, 2021
2:50 to 4:50 pm, Mrs. Catlett's Room #130
North Pines Board Game Club is looking for board game donations! If you have any at home that your family is no longer using and would like to donate, please bring them to our front office.
Cub Pride Justice Club
Tuesdays, beginning October 5th, 2021
2:45 to 4:50 pm in Mrs. Catlett's Room #130