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Principal's Page

Welcome to North Pines where we are a strong, kind, and committed staff to our students. Our guiding light at North Pines in working with students is our School Improvement Plan (SIP). Every year across the state of Washington, schools develop a SIP in order to foster an environment where we as educators are meeting the needs of our students.
This year our SIP is focused on academics, social and emotional learning, and attendance. Please see the graphic for our specific goals around these three areas and the strategies we are using school-wide to ensure the growth of our students (posted in the right menu).
In addition to implementing each strategy listed, we have quarterly data reviews to see if the strategy is working. The primary data we use for academics and social emotional learning is called FastBridge, which students take three times a school year. For attendance, we use our daily PowerSchool data to inform our decision making.
It is an honor to be the principal of North Pines Middle School, according to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) data, we are one of the top developing schools in our area in the area of academic growth. This can only be achieved when a staff and community are fully committed to their students.
Go Cubs!
Jeremy Vincent
North Pines Middle School